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 Storytelling In Motion


Our Videography

Whenever we talk with our recent brides after their wedding, they often tell us the same thing, "The whole day went by so fast, it was almost like a blur!" A wedding video by Essence will let you relive those special moments, hear the vows you exchanged, and feel that warm glow while watching your first dance.  Our videographers can capture most of the footage they need while working alongside your photographer or working on their own to capture all the detailed shots you will want so you can remember your story for years to come.

Wedding Highlights

Your Essence Wedding Highlight Video will include the key moments of your wedding day and is set to a song of your choosing.  The video tells the story of your wedding and the love you feel for one another in a manageable amount of time while capturing your personalities through the mood of your music..

Storytelling In Motion

Storytelling In Motion

Entire Ceremony

Your Essence Ceremony Video will show your entire ceremony from start to finish.  Your videographer will use a small out-of-site microphone to pick up the sound of your ceremony so you can hear every word just as it was spoken.

Dance Highlight

Your Essence Dance Highlight Video will be a montage of you and your guests on the dance floor throughout your reception.  Once you're married, you can relax, have fun, and enjoy your celebration.  We'll even help you remember Uncle Bob and his stylish dance moves!

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